Multi-Scale Modeling System with Unified Physics

We have been developing and improving the four different modeling systems at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. These modeling systems essentially share physics modules, and the entire system is denoted as the Multi-Scale Modeling System with Unified Physics (Tao et al. 2009).
  1. The Goddard Cumulus Ensemble (GCE) model is the cloud-resolving model has been used to simulate idealized thunderstorm driven by large-scale forcing. The GCE is also the essential tool to develop various bulk and spectra-bin microphyiscs, which has been shared with other modeling system.
  2. The NASA Multi-Scale Modeling Framework (MMF) is the coupled NASA Goddard Earth Observing System (GEOS) and GCE model. Cumulus parameterization of the GEOS model has been replaced by the explicit coupling with the GCE model for each GEOS grid (a.k.a. Super Parameterization). The NASA MMF has been also coupled with the NASA Land Information System (LIS).   
  3. The NASA-Unified Weather Research and Forecasting (NU-WRF) model is the regional multi-nesting mesoscale model developed at NCAR. Various NASA physics modules and modeling framework has been integrated to develop the NASA-Unified WRF (NU-WRF). For satellite mission support, our group also developed the WRF with the Spectra Bin Microphysics (WRF-SBM).
  4. The Goddard Satellite Data Simulator Unit (G-SDSU) is the multi-sensor, multi-frequency satellite simulators that translate above modeling output into the various satellite-observable raw signals (radiance, brightness temperature, and backscatter). This tool bridges the meso- and cloud-scale modeling and satellite observations through model evaluation, data assimilations and satellite algorithm support. 



Tao, W.K., D. Anderson, J. Chern, J. Enstin, A. Hou, P. Houser, R. Kakar, S. Lang, W. Lau, C. Peters-Lidard, X. Li, T. Matsui, M. Rienecker, M.R. Schoeberl, B.-W. Shen, J.J. Shie, and X. Zeng, (2009), Goddard Multi-Scale Modeling Systems with Unified Physics, Annales Geophysicae, 27, 3055-3064.
Wei-Kuo Tao (